Lottery Cracker World

Lottery Cracker World for Windows

Predict lottery results by analysing draw trends

Lottery Cracker World is designed to help you to play a wide range of lotteries from around the world and is a major upgrade to Lottery Cracker AE. These include UK Lotto, UK Thunderball, UK Daily Play, US Megaball, US Powerball. Irish Lotto, Canada Lotto 6/49, Canada Atlantic 49, and many more.


  • Many different wheeling systems that enable you to more effectively cover a selection of numbers
  • Cover every ball in the lottery in just a few lines at minimum cost
  • Play key numbers along with every other number in the lottery
  • Dozens of different ways of picking lottery numbers
  • Browse lottery draw results
  • Discover the most common numbers
  • Chart odd:even ratios in draw results
  • Calculate averages, ranges and sums of lottery draw results
  • Analyse results for trends and display number statistics
  • Calculate numbers unique to you based on numerology using your name and birth date
  • Calculate your personal lottery entry based on your star sign and the date
  • Easy-to-update lottery draw databases
  • Create a syndicate and add members
  • Keep track of syndicate member payments
  • Store your lottery entries and automatically check them to see if you have won

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Lottery Cracker World


Lottery Cracker World 7.0.1

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